Enjoyments of embodied beings are fleeting like the quick play of lightning within a mass of clouds;life is as insecure as a drop of water attached to the edge of a lotus leaf and dispersed by the wind;the desires of youth are unsteady;realising these quickly,let the wise firmly fix their minds in yoga,easily attainable by patience and equanimity.

Life is chaging like a big wave,beauty of youth abides for a few days;earthly possessions are as transient as thought;the whole series of our enjoyments are like(occasional) flashes of lightning during the monsoons;the embrace round the neck given by our beloved one lingers only for a while.To cross the ocean (of the fear) of the world,attach your mind to Brahman.

bhavabhaya– the great fear of finding yourself bound by the world attended with so many afflictions and yet finding no way out of it.]